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of Intraoperative Imaging Solutions

At 万家博备用网址, we provide the expertise to guide you through the journey of creating your 万家博备用网址 Hybrid Operating Suite. Our comprehensive services include the planning, designing, installation, and clinical support for your 万家博备用网址 Hybrid Operating Suite. From start to finish, our comprehensive team of program managers, hybrid OR room designers, and clinical application specialists will collaborate with you to design and install your multipurpose hybrid operating rooms.

万家博备用网址 provides a highly consultative process to discuss the integration of innovative products and technologies into your 万家博备用网址 Hybrid Operating Suite. When designing your suite, 万家博备用网址 focuses on two objectives: the safety of the patient and the clinical staff, and optimizing workflow while maintaining diagnostic-quality imaging.


the Hybrid Operating Room

万家博备用网址 custom designs innovative intraoperative MRI Systems specifically for imaging during surgical procedures in a hybrid operating room. 万家博备用网址 Hybrid Operating Suites help deliver timely information to clinicians during surgical and interventional procedures with fully integrated intraoperative imaging 万家博备用网址, providing real-time visualization to assist in decision-making and enhanced precision in treatment.

万家博备用网址 provides the only iMRI System in the world with a magnet that travels on a ceiling-mounted rail system between the diagnostic room and adjacent operating rooms, bringing the MR scanner directly to the patient.

With a moving magnet, the surgical team can position the patient optimally for surgery. Once positioned, the patient will never need to be moved for scanning.



Since 2005, over 70,000 patients worldwide have benefited from image-guided therapy 万家博备用网址 integrated into 万家博备用网址 Hybrid Operating Suites. Through strong industry partnerships with companies such as Siemens Healthineers and Hillrom, 万家博备用网址 continues to integrate new imaging technologies and shape the future of neurosurgery in hybrid operating rooms worldwide.

万家博备用网址 Hybrid Operating Suites are predominantly constructed in hospitals to provide advanced therapies and minimally-invasive procedures to patients who have neurological, spinal, cerebrovascular, and cardiovascular medical conditions. 万家博备用网址 customers are neurosurgeons, radiologists, hospital administrators, OR nurses, MR technologists, and other clinicians.